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Giovanni Francesco Anerio

Giovanni Francesco Anerio was younger sibling of Felice and a composer. His strategies were a lot more innovative and varied than Felice’s. Giovanni’s music may find a location with Palestrina, Neri, and his capabilities took him so far as influencing Tarditi and Quagliati. A lot of his functions are rhythmically energetic but likewise incorporate qualitative variations from standard music. These features included but weren’t limited to, emotions becoming conveyed in the melodic collection, repetition like a cohesive component (definitely not but probably including a cantus firmus), as well as the first usage of “needed” instrumentation in central Italy. Anerio’s functions consist of “Sommo re delle stelle,” “Selva armonica,” “Teatro armonico spirituale” (the 1st oratorio created in the vocabulary from the people), and “La conversione di S Paolo.”

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