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Giovanni Battista Grillo

A Venetian organist who served the first section of his music profession in Austria. Grillo devoted a function to Duke Ferdinand of Austria and was known as back again to Italy from a courtroom from the Germans. He became the organist for the confraternity Scuola Grande di Rocco, after that St Madonna dell’Orto as well as the 1st organist of St Mark’s. Grillo was among the composers commissioned to create a requiem for Cosimo II of Tuscany. The compositions which he do write possess a definitive impact from Gabrieli who was simply probably Grillo’s instructor. Most of Grillo’s music appears to parrott that of Gabrieli. In five functions for the chapel, however, Grillo used unique, however, not innovative, methods. He employed the usage of a concertata where an body organ accompaniment was needed. The music included a fully-figured bass, a basso continuo, and small indication to tell apart between your tutti parts as well as the soli parts.

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