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Gioseffo Guami

The Guami category of Lucca was one of the most important and more durable of Renaissance Italy’s regional music dynasties, and Gioseffo Guami (born ca. 1540 in Lucca, passed away right now there in 1611) is definitely today regarded as its most crucial representative — and even, Gioseffo’s popularity as organist and composer was incredibly wide-spread in his personal day. Guami’s existence may have started and finished in Lucca, but his actions in between had been hardly confined compared to that town: in his twenties, he is at Venice being a musician at St. Mark’s Cathedral (where Adrian Willaert was at that time also portion); and, in 1568, he used an eleven-year session as organist on the court from the Duke of Bavaria at Munich. After a stint back his hometown, Guami transferred to Genoa (ca. 1584) to immediate the Prince’s music artists, and, in 1588, he was back again to Venice and St. Mark’s, today as primary organist at that a lot of well-known of Italian establishments. But, accurate Guami relative and preeminent Lucca indigenous that he was, Gioseffo Guami’s longest session was towards the Cathedral in Lucca, where he performed body organ for twenty complete years — from 1591 correct up to his loss of life. Simply why Guami still left the esteemed post at St. Mark’s to come back to Lucca continues to be unknown. In comparison to, state, his beloved sibling Francesco’s little catalog of compositions, Gioseffo’s extant music appears a veritable deluge. First and most important are his many five- and six-voice madrigals (released in several quantities between 1565 and 1601). He, obviously, also composed a great deal of sacred vocal music, including a level of Sacred tracks (Sacrae cantiones) for huge vocal ensembles (five to ten voices), a Magnificat (1590) and many Latin motets. Addititionally there is instrumental music — an body organ toccata and a set of four-part Fantasias crucial included in this — to his credit. Gioseffo Guami was extremely valued and praised by his contemporaries as an organist and a composer, and he appears to have been a worthwhile teacher aswell, keeping track of among his pupils the significant next-generation madrigal composer Adriano Banchieri.

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