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Geovanny Polanco

Geovanny Francisco Polanco was created in the town of Nagua, República Dominicana, about November 2, 1974. At age 15, surviving in the Arroyo al Medio Arriba barrio of Nagua, Polanco experienced a strong draw to musical manifestation. His father experienced long loved to try out the accordion, but offered it up after marrying, his wife not really a fan of well-known Dominican music. Polanco’s enthusiasm for the folk varieties of his nation brought the device back from the wardrobe and into his family’s lifestyle. Primarily self trained, Polanco immersed himself within the quest for instrumental excellence, learning styles just like the cantors, latas, pito de penca de coco, etc. Having finished his primary tests by age 17, Polanco was delivered by his dad to Santiago. The metropolitan environment would provide to challenge also to hone Polanco’s instrumental skill and creativeness. Financial need quickly encouraged Polanco to become bandleader, organizing organizations to execute around Santiago. Though non-e of these organizations gained significant popularity or financial achievement, the experience obtained would prove priceless in the weeks and a long time. At age 24, Polanco crossed pathways with admired documenting designer Aureliano Guzmán . Impressed along with his playing and compositional capabilities, Guzman recommended that each of them collaborate, signifying a large break for the still unfamiliar Polanco. Geovanny Polanco con Su Mambo Golf swing were blessed. Polanco and his group initial documented for Sony International in 2002 before switching to Dominican powerhouse label J&N Information.

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