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George Kirbye

Being a madrigalian composer Kirbye was a lot more than an artisan but significantly less than a forward thinking genius; he was at least a sophisticated craftsman. The musical efforts he designed to England’s musical corpus included not merely maddrigals but also instrumnetal viol music and psalms. “With angels encounter” was probably his most well-known madrigal and is situated in Morley’s “The Triumphes of Oriana.” The madrigals of Kirbye demonstrate a uniformity and surety with an capability to adjust the music based on the type of the written text. Musically his harmonies had been fluid, he’d sometimes incorporat chromatic intervals and make use of the usage of versatile rhythms. He constructed one level of madrigals (1597) including two configurations for “Rest today my muse.” The initial edition was created for four voices as the second edition was established for six voices. Kirbye was utilized domestically at Rushbrooke Hall for Sir Robert Jermyn and was most likely acquainted with Wilbye who was simply employed close by at Hengrave Hall. The Latin configurations which he made up had been arranged for morality text messages and viol accompaniment.

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