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Geometric Farms

A name possibly inspired with a collection in Joni Mitchell’s “Amelia,” Geometric Farms is among the many aliases of Cologne techno pioneer Jörg Burger, whose other aliases include but aren’t limited by the Bionaut, the Modernist, Triola, and — with Wolfgang Voigt — Burger/Printer ink. As Geometric Farms, Burger’s productions are a lot more melodic, warm, and lush than his are the Modernist. Actually, the experimental techno label is quite misleading, as the monitors are simply as available as pop tunes made out of traditional rock and roll instrumentation. In 2001, Geometric Farms added spectacular tracks to many compilations, including Kompakt’s Pop Ambient 2001, Leichtes Hören’s Teil 1, and Ba Da Bing!’s Soothing Seems for Raymond, a super-limited-edition tribute to digital expert Raymond Scott (just 100 copies had been pressed).

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