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Gauthier de Coincy

Gauthier de Coincy is normally known as a trouvère, a People from france Medieval poet-composer, much like a troubadour. De Coincy, like additional trouvères, published his texts inside a dialect from North France. He’s most widely known for his large work, Wonders de Nostre-Dame, which recounts wonders from the Blessed Virgin inside a text greater than 30,000 lines. De Coincy was created in Coincy-l’Abbaye, France in 1177 or 1178. He became a monk at Saint-Médard in Soissons in 1193, at age 15 or 16, relating to documents. Information on his existence are scant but rife with speculation, specifically in the time ahead: due to his vast understanding of secular music, some possess conjectured that he went to the University or college of Paris in the first many years of the thirteenth hundred years, but no assisting evidence of this is found. The entire year 1214 was a pivotal one in de Coincy’s existence: he was appointed Prior in the monastery in Vic-sur-Aisne (near Soissons) and in addition began focus on Wonders de Nostre-Dame. De Coincy exposed that the foundation of the occasions recounted in his magnum opus originated from a now-lost Latin manuscript. The to begin the work’s two substantial sections was finished at Vic-sur-Aisne in about 1222, with focus on the second component commencing almost instantly and finally achieving conclusion in 1233. That 12 months he came back to Saint-Médard to serve as abbot. He spent the rest of his existence there, still energetic in producing spiritual chansons. De Coincy’s very best significance may be his attempts at bringing spiritual music in to the vernacular world: his result accocunts for the first considerable body of non-Latin sacred and Marian tunes, a lot of which used secular melodies.

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