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While we were young in Houston’s South Park — also the house from the Geto Boys, Scarface, and 5th Ward Boyz — Ganksta N-I-P was influenced with the rhyming abilities of Ice-T and the country of Islam understanding of Rakim. The previous Rowdy Jones called himself Ganksta N-I-P — NIP means “Country of Islam is certainly effective” — and started rapping himself, launching his first record, South Recreation area Psycho, early within the ’90s. It marketed nearly 100,000 copies around the region, and sparked a agreement with Concern. Second record Psychic Thoughts do better still, and N-I-P caused a variety of companies (411, N.O. Joe, Mic B, Details Booth, Swift, and Johnny Cage) to record his third, 1996’s Psychic Thoughts. Interview Using a Killa premiered in June 1998.

Quick Facts

Full Name Ganksta N-I-P
Date Of Birth August 28, 1969
Profession Rapper
Music Groups South Park Coalition
Music Songs Horror Movie Rap, Psycho, Smokin Amp, Rough Brothers From South Park, Get Out of the Game, Black Godfather, H-Town, Ganksta Mac, Now Watch 'em Drop, Damned Shame, Paranoid, Only Nip Can Do It, Slaughter, Come Into My World, Actions Speak Louder Than Words, Goin to Da Death, Small Town Killas, That's How It Is: Psychic, Part II, Reporter From Hell, Psychic Thoughts, Hollograms, Fuck You, Spc Shoutout, Psychotic Genius, Why the Psych. Can’t Do It, Psycho on the Loose, Strictly for the Club, Set Up Bitches, Peep Da Game, Psychflow, Murda After Midnite, Hood Talez
Albums The South Park Psycho, Psychic Thoughts, Psychotic Genius, Interview with a Killa, The Return of the Psychopath, Still Psycho, Psycho Thug, Psych' Swag: Da Horror Movie, God Of Horrorcore Rap, Street Messiah (Brother N.I.P), Still Gettin It In, Facebook Connections V1

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