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Gabriel Escobar-Casas

Gabriel Escobar-Casas is among the giants of Latin American percussion, and therefore he is unfamiliar except towards the types of individuals who can simply fill up the trunk of a train station wagon using their equipment. The person, whose surname actually means “field of broom homes,” did a lot more than squat inside a drum group with his tools. He was an recognized master of a huge selection of rhythmic feels from through the entire southern hemisphere, through the well-known bamba towards the Argentinean zamba, not forgetting his mastery of marinera (the dance not really the sauce), and merengue (the dance not really the dessert). Percussionists hesitant to compile a summary of desert-island discs wouldn’t normally hesitate an instant if the topic considered books to become savored in extended intervals of isolation. If so, initial choice will be Latin-American Rhythms by Escobar-Casas, initial released in 1947, but still considered one of the most comprehensive research of a topic vast at length aswell as gyration. Escobar-Casas created his knowledge throughout a long amount of function in Latin-American orchestras. He started being a sideman, relegated to extremely disciplined and arranged tasks within several forms of percussion areas, eventually progressed into a bandleader and an arranger of music on r / c which range from Argentina to western Texas. One of is own most well-known compositions is normally “Serenito of Might.” Vocalist Gladys Viera documented his melody “Me Olvidaste Muy Pronto.”

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