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Fussible can be an alias utilized by Mexican electronica manufacturer Pepe Mogt, who’s most widely known for his affiliation using the Nortec Collective. Ahead of using the Fussible alias, Mogt have been a member from the commercial music group Artefakto, which released the albums Des-Construccion (1993), Tierra Unéctrica (1995), and Interruptor (1997) in the label Opción Sónica. For this same period — in the mid-’90s towards the past due ’90s — Mogt also collaborated with fellow Nortec Collective affiliate marketer Memoryón Amezcua (aka Bostich) in the electronica task Monnithor, ultimately launching a few of their collaborative productions in the Mil Information compilations Nortec Sampler (1999) and Nortec Experimental (2001). Within the wake of his encounters in Artefakto and Monnithor, Mogt started working being a single manufacturer in 1997, using the Fussible alias and launching the record Fono (1999) on Opción Sónica. Also in 1999 he teamed up with many fellow Mexican electronica manufacturers because the Nortec Collective — the word “nortec” produced from the collective’s fusion of norteño and techno — leading to the albums The Tijuana Periods, Vol. 1 (2001) and Tijuana Periods, Vol. 3 (2005). On the other hand, Mogt released his full-length single debut record as Fussible, Odyssea (2002), on Nettwerk America; utilized a second alias, Latinsizer, and released the record Ritmo 55 (2004) therefore on Mil Information; and teamed up with previous Monnithor collaborator Bostich in the album Tijuana Audio Machine (2008), billed to “Nortec Collective Presents Bostich & Fussible.”

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