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Funky Poets

Presenting one of the most positive pictures of young black color men within the ghetto, mid-90s US rap group the Funky Poets certainly are a four-piece whose intelligent lyrical trickery is definitely defiantly old college, yet whose outlook continues to be unquestionably informed from the Afrocentricity sounds from the Jungle Brothers and De La Soul. The group comprises of brothers Paul and Ray Frazier and their cousins Christian Jordon and Gene Johnson. Collectively they broke through within the strike single, ‘Created WITHIN THE Ghetto’, which they recounted the metropolitan tale of a sister learning that she actually is pregnant at age 14. The narrative was flipped round, making the problem a positive, using the central personality emerging restored, defiant and happy. ‘We’re just informing young black individuals who there is wish, despite the bad things they encounter living in neighbourhoods that resemble battle areas’. Their lyrics are sharply concentrated to the end, notably within the self-explanatory ‘Message TO SOME Funky Poet’ poem, which consists of couplets relaying the dark inner-city encounter in its many tones, from crack-dealing to barbecues and fountains gushing from open fire hydrants.

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