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Fünf Freunde

Fünf Freunde is an extended jogging German radio plan for children, predicated on individuals from the favorite group of books by writer Enid Blyton. The five close friends described in the name are Georgina (George for brief), the tomboy little girl of a reputed scientist; Julian, a smart and levelheaded guy; Julian’s sister Ann, an inside type who’s George’s contrary; Dick, Julian and Ann’s youthful brother as well as the joker of the group; and Timmy, George’s pup. Together, the close friends regularly end up swept up in interesting adventures because they move exploring and operate afoul of villains. After many of Blyton’s tales were modified into has for voices with the German record label Teldec, the Fünf Freunde radio series premiered in 1978, and over 80 shows had been made and aired by 2010; the newest voice cast contains Alex Garcia as George, Theresa Underberg as Anne, Ivo Moller as Julian, and Jennik Endemann as Dick. As well as the early Teldec recordings, many shows of the air series have already been released on compact disk and continue being popular with young people. Enid Blyton’s individuals have also motivated several tv series in European countries, the U.K. and Canada, and also have even appeared within a line of pc games.

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