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Fuck the Facts

Located in Quebec, Canada, experimental grindcore outfit Fuck the reality was originally conceived in 1997 like a nameless studio task by guitarist/vocalist Topon Das; nonetheless it would consider several tape produces and 3 years before he released the first standard Compact disc, Discoing the Deceased, beneath the band’s eventual, provocative name. 2001 noticed the emission of another LP, entitled Mullet Fever, by way of a new lineup offering Das, guitarist Tim Audette, drummer Matt Connell, and vocalist Brent Christoff, however the second option was soon changed by vocalist Mel Mongeon, whose fearsome vocal eruptions have already been a Fuck the reality trademark since 2002’s Backstabber Etiquette. Therefore too offers been the band’s habit of continuously swapping drummers and second guitarists, while sporadically touring both in Canada as well as the U.S., and releasing actually dozens of break up tapes and EPs on the yearly basis. Actually, these were therefore predominant around the band’s concern list, it wasn’t until 2006 that another appropriate LP, called Stigmata High-Five, was offered through Relapse Information.

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