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Fruit Jar Guzzlers

Aside from the assassination of John Lennon, possibly the greatest tragedy in 20th hundred years music history may be the undeniable fact that practically nothing is well known regarding the Fruit Jar Guzzlers. The name suggests an appetite-satisfying kinship with Gid Tanner & His Skillet Lickers, an old-time group through the same period about which a lot more is known. The name Fruits Jar Guzzlers could have been a properly acceptable name to get a punk rock and roll or new influx music group, which is actually a tiny surprise that this name wasn’t appropriated by this outfit, due to the fact none of the initial individuals or their relationships appears to be laying state to it. “Any reader’s feedback that can reveal this music group will be most pleasant,” was the eager comment within the normally extensive liner records towards the essential historical collection entitled Paramount Aged Time Music: An Recording of Recordings Originally Manufactured in the 1920s and 1930s around the JEMF label. These initials are a symbol of the John Edwards Music Basis, a business that publishes a publication in addition to information, and would definitely have discovered something about the Fruits Jar Guzzlers if there is anything found. The group cut greater than a dozen edges for Paramount in 1928, the documenting sessions kept in Chicago. The materials includes a lot of the traditional old-time repertoire, such as for example “Aged Joe Clark,” “Kentucky Bootlegger,” “Stack-O-Lee,” “Cripple Creek,” and “Cacklin’ Hen,” plus some from the information had been also released from the Broadway label under a different combo name, the Panhandle Males. This is a regular practice among brands during this period, allowing artists the chance to contend with their own information disguised behind pseudonyms, but not every musician that was presented with this treatment understood anything about any of it. The best, sizzling clue within this frying pan of secret may be the crediting from the tracks the group documented towards the songwriting group of Stevens & Bolar, which most old-time music buffs believe will need to have been people of the group. Although judging from music sector standards with regards to posting, these may possibly also have already been the brands of just about anybody mixed up in production. A far more minimal, but perhaps ultimately informative hint, was within the home from the cousin of Cleve Chaffin, another from the old-time music artists documented by Paramount during this time period. The cousin possessed a check pressing from the tune “John Henry,” which got the following take note scribbled on its label in pencil: “John Henry,” sung by Cleve Chaffin. The matrix amount of this check pressing, nevertheless, was exactly like that directed at the Fruits Jar Guzzlers’ documenting of “Metal Generating Man,” which a person with even a small quantity of American folk tracks would understand may be the same simple tune. This clue shows that Chafin, a Western world Virginian, may have been area of the Fruits Jar Guzzlers clothing. The hint would attain added significance if anyone could concur that the music group hailed through the same condition as Chafin, however nobody appears to understand where they originated from. The loveable Uncle Dave Macon might have made additional dilemma by calling one of is own backup clothes the Fruits Jar Drinkers, probably suggesting even more self control compared to the Fruits Jar Guzzlers, a details that is most likely overlooked totally by some listeners who believe that it is the same music group. A radio documentary about the first days of documenting in Nashville discovered the monitor “Bake That Poultry Pie” to be by Uncle Dave Bacon & the Fruits Jar Guzzlers. If it’s Uncle Dave Bacon such as the Southern design of “nation ham” bacon, the large salt content would definitely result in guzzling, not taking in, however this still doesn’t appear to be exactly the same group that documented for Paramount. Ashes to ashes, dirt to dust, fruits jar to fruits jar, the music group remains a incomprehensible musical beverage with an certainly sticky bottom.

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