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From Nursery to Misery

From Nursery to Misery were a peculiar lo-fi synth pop group from Essex, Britain who contains identical twin sisters Tina and Gina Fear and key pad participant Lee Stevens. The trio was raised on a single street, and started making music jointly around 1987, when all three had been teens. Their music was inquisitive and childlike, with worries sisters’ naïve, untrained vocals performing and speaking over Stevens’ inventive support tracks. Equally captivating and unsettling, their music eluded easy evaluation. The group disbanded in 1991; during this time period, they only performed four gigs and released two homemade cassette albums, written by the music group itself within the Email Art scene. In addition they shared a divide tape with Nostalgie Eternelle and made an appearance on more than twelve cassette compilations. Despite the fact that the group ceased activity, worries sisters got a deep religious bond with one another, and continued to be inseparable. Movie director Matthew Reed stopped at the sisters’ house and filmed a brief documentary about them in 2015, offering a little bit of understanding into their globe. Dark Entries released Pixies in the Woods in 2017, compiling tracks through the group’s cassette produces and compilation performances, furthermore to previously unreleased paths.

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