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Fred Gennett

Fred Gennett was responsible for the record division of Starr Piano, Gennett Information, perhaps one of the most essential indie record labels of the first twentieth century. Starr Piano was a family group business, going by Fred Gennett’s dad, Henry Gennett, and in addition operate with Fred’s brothers Clarence Gennett and Harry Gennett in Richmond, IN. Like various other businesses whose main concerns had been the produce of other products, such as for example musical devices or home furniture, Starr Piano experienced records like a sideline to bolster product sales of their primary products. Like the majority of labels from the first times of the record business, it experienced no particular visual eyesight, but pressed almost anything, including vaudeville, opera, vocabulary information, speeches, and discs custom-pressed for the Ku Klux Klan. From a historical point of view, Gennett Records is definitely most renowned because of its endeavors into early jazz, blues, and hillbilly music. Although Fred Gennett had not been himself a specific lover of such niche-interest noises, he was ready to try such styles. For example, he was ready to consider suggestions from Fred Wiggins, supervisor of Starr Piano’s Chicago shop, on music artists to record. This is one way Gennett finished up documenting Chicago jazz music artists, starting with the brand new Orleans Tempo Kings, and moving on towards the even more esteemed Ruler Oliver’s Creole Jazz Music group, whose lineup included Louis Armstrong. Gennett Information also documented Jelly Move Morton with the brand new Orleans Tempo Kings on what’s considered the initial interracial documenting date ever sold. Gennett also began recording and launching discs by blues music artists, including Cow Cow Davenport, Thomas Dorsey, and Big Costs Broonzy; hillbilly serves, the very best known which was Gene Autry; and Hoagy Carmichael. Fred Gennett was mindful enough of the options of handling particular marketplaces that he in fact took portable documenting equipment towards the Grand Canyon to record Hopi Indians. In doing this, he wasn’t using Gennett Information as a car for ethnomusicological records. His concerns had been commercial ones; he previously hopes of offering the recordings to travelers going to the Grand Canyon. Gennett Information, which have been renamed Electrobeam Gennett in the 1920s, discontinued by the end of 1930 as the Despair occur. Gennett did continue steadily to released some information on its Champ subsidiary, including produces by Roosevelt Sykes, Big Costs Broonzy, and Uncle Dave Macon, but that as well was place to bed in 1934. Business complications afflicted Starr Piano in the past due 1930s, leading to Fred Gennett getting removed from the business’s day-to-day procedures. He by no means re-entered the music business, although he resided until 1964.

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