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Franz Joseph Haydn may be the composer who, a lot more than some other, epitomizes the seeks and achievements from the Classical period. Perhaps his most significant accomplishment was that he created and progressed in countless refined ways probably the most important structural basic principle in the annals of music: his excellence from the set of objectives referred to as sonata type produced an epochal effect. In a huge selection of instrumental sonatas, string quartets, and symphonies, Haydn both broke fresh ground and offered durable models; certainly, he was one of the creators of the fundamental styles of traditional music. His impact upon later on composers is definitely immeasurable; Haydn’s most illustrious pupil, Beethoven, was the immediate beneficiary from the elder master’s musical creativity, and Haydn’s darkness lurks within (and occasionally looms over) the music of composers like Schubert, Mendelssohn, and Brahms. Component and parcel of Haydn’s formal mastery was his popular love of life, his feeling for the unstable, elegant twist. Within the Symphony No. 94 (“Shock”) (1791), the composer tweaks those viewers people who typically drift off during slow motions with the unexpected, completely unpredicted intrusion of the fortissimo chord throughout a passing of quietude. Haydn’s pictorial feeling is a lot in evidence functions like his epic oratorio The Creation (1796-1798), where images from the cosmos acquiring form are thrillingly, movingly portrayed in shades. By one estimation, Haydn created some 340 hours of music, a lot more than Bach or Handel, Mozart or Beethoven. Handful of them absence some unexpected details or clever answer to a formal issue. Haydn was prolific not only because he was a tireless employee with an inexhaustible musical creativity, but additionally due to the situations of his musical profession: he was the final prominent beneficiary of the machine of commendable patronage that acquired nourished Western european musical composition because the Renaissance. Blessed in the tiny Austrian community of Rohrau, he became a choirboy at St. Stephen’s cathedral in Vienna when he was eight. After his tone of voice broke and he was proved from the choir, he eked out a precarious living being a teenage freelance musician in Vienna. His fortunes begun to submit the past due 1750s as associates of Vienna’s commendable families became alert to his music, and on, may 1, 1761, he visited work with the Esterházy family members. He remained within their make use of for another 30 years, composing a lot of his instrumental compositions and operas for functionality at their huge summer months palace, Esterháza. Musical imagination may often, it really is accurate, satisfy a tragic end, but Haydn resided long plenty of to enjoy the benefits of his personal creativity and toil. The Esterházys curtailed their musical actions in 1790, but by that point Haydn was known around Europe and broadly considered the best living composer. (He himself deferred to Mozart for the reason that regard, as well as the friendly competition between your two composers deepened the music of both.) Two excursions to London through the 1790s led to two models of six symphonies each (included in this the “Shock” symphony) that stay centerpieces from the orchestral repertoire. Haydn’s last masterpieces included effective choral functions: the Creation and Months oratorios and several six people. Haydn ceased composing in 1803, and he prefaced his correspondence with just a little musical quotation (in one of his part-songs) bearing the written text “Gone can be all my power; I am older and fragile.” He passed away in Vienna on, may 31, 1809.

Quick Facts

Full Name Joseph Haydn
Date Of Birth March 31, 1732
Died May 31, 1809, Rohrau, Austria
Profession Composer, Violinist
Nationality Austrian
Spouse Maria Anna Aloysia Apollonia Keller
Children Alois Anton Nikolaus Polzelli
Parents Mathias Haydn, Maria Haydn
Siblings Michael Haydn, Johann Evangelist Haydn, Anna Maria Haydn, Franziska Haydn, Anna Katherina Haydn

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1 For many years was mistakenly believed to be the composer of Leopold Mozart's "Toy Symphony".
2 His birthdate is often reported as March 31, 1732, but this is a fabrication of his well-meaning brother, Johann Michael Haydn, who did not want his famous sibling to be remembered as an "April's Fool".
3 Though he and his wife, Maria Anna Keller, had no children, Haydn did have an illegitimate son, Alois Anton Nikolaus Polzelli, born April 22 1783, with soprano singer Luigia Polzelli.
4 Wrote some 40 operas, very few of which are performed today.
5 His more famous symphonies have appropriate nicknames. The "Farewell" symphony dropped a hint to Esterhazy that the musicians deserved a vacation; the "Clock" symphony suggests a ticking clock. The "Surprise" symphony (#94, in G Major) features a fortissimo chord in the second movement, the "surprise" written to make the ladies of the court jump in their seats.
6 Is generally credited with developing a form of music commonly known today as "sonata-allegro form", most often used in the first movement of many symphonies and concertos. This form consists of four distinct sections: the exposition, in which the themes of the movement are stated; the development where these themes are developed further (broken down, fragmented, inverted, etc.); the recapitulation in which the themes are restated; and the coda, a closing statement. An introduction may or may not be included.
7 Was the first composer to indicate dynamic markings in his music.



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The Third Miracle 1999 writer: "Menuetto"
Music of the Heart 1999 writer: "Haydn Trio"
Love Stinks 1999 writer: "Haydn Quartet"
Runaway Bride 1999 "Menuet"
My Neighbors the Yamadas 1999 music: "Nocturne No. 1, Op. 9-1"
Les passagers 1999 music: "Symponie no 93 Extraits" - as J. Haydn
Histeria! 1998-1999 TV Series music - 5 episodes
The Craic 1999 writer: "String Quartet Op. 76#5"
Man of the Century 1999 writer: "String Quartet in E-flat Major, Op.64, No.6" - as Franz Joseph Haydn
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Almost Heroes 1998 writer: "Opus 71 Second Movement, String Quartet in D Major, 'Finale, Allegretto - Allegro'", "Opus 71 Third Movement, String Quartet in E Flat Major, 'Andante Con Moto'" - as Franz Joseph Haydn
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The Evening Star 1996 writer: "Symphony #94 in G Major"
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Senior Trip 1995 writer: "Serenade In F, Op. 3 No. 5 H. 111 No. 17"
A Comédia de Deus 1995 music: "Etracto da 'Misa Santa Caecilia' Agnus Dei", "Extracto do 'Quarteto op. 76 no. 4 en SI bemol maior'", "Missa brevis sancti Joannis de Deo 'Kleine Orgelmesse'", "Extracto da 'Sinfonia no. 49 em Fá menor' 'La Passion'", "As sete últimas palavras de Cristo na Cruz 'Il Terremoto'"
Casas de fuego 1995 "Trio Londres nº 1"
Mad Love 1995 writer: "Haydn String Quartet No. 1 - 3rd Movement"
A Pyromaniac's Love Story 1995 writer: "String Quartet No. 62"
Nico Icon 1995 Documentary music: "Das Lied der Deutschen"
Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles 1994 writer: "Sonata in E Flat Adagio E Cantabile"
Sensation 1994 writer: "STRING QUARTET OPUS 64 #6", "STRING QUARTET OPUS 20 #4"
A Simple Twist of Fate 1994 writer: "Sonata No. 3 In C Major"
Lothringen! 1994 Short writer: "String Quartet"
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Joseph Haydn - Die Jahreszeiten 1993 TV Movie writer: "The Seasons"
Suture 1993 "String Quartet No. 82 Op. 77 Allegro Moderato"
Matlock 1993 TV Series 1 episode
Wide Sargasso Sea 1993 writer: "Minuet" - as Haydn
The Cemetery Club 1993 writer: "Quartet No. 15"
Tiny Toon Adventures 1991-1992 TV Series music - 3 episodes
The Plucky Duck Show 1992 TV Series music - 1 episode
Un Coeur en Hiver 1992 writer: "Serenade, Op 3 No 5."
Boomerang 1992 as F. Haydn, "String Quartet in G, Opus 54, No. 1 - Third Movement"
Wayne's World 1992 as F. Haydn, "STRING QUARTET IN G, OPUS 54, NO.1 - THIRD MOVEMENT"
Aces: Iron Eagle III 1992 writer: "DEUTSCHLAND UBER ALLES"
Here's Looking at You, Warner Bros. 1991 TV Movie documentary music: "German National Anthem Das Lied der Deutschen" 1841 - uncredited
Samantha 1991 writer: "Quartet in C Major OP.74 No. 1 - 1st Movement"
Reversal of Fortune 1990 writer: "QUARTET, OPUS 64, NO. 5, MINUET", "QUARTET"
Screen One 1990 TV Series music - 1 episode
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Valmont 1989 "Minuet from Quartet in F, Opus 50, Number 5"
A Fish Called Wanda 1988 writer: "Deutschlandlied"
A New Life 1988 writer: "Trio #3 in G Major"
The Singing Detective 1986 TV Mini-Series music - 2 episodes
Big Trouble 1986 writer: "Trio No. 15" - as Franz Josef Haydn

Music Department

Music Department

Klangen 2014 TV Mini-Series documentary
De la musique ou La jota de Rosset 2013 Documentary music
The Infernal Comedy: Confessions of a Serial Killer 2010 Video music by
Il mondo della luna 2009 TV Movie music by
The Creation/Die Schöpfung (Video) 2009 Video
Orlando Paladino 2009 TV Movie music: Opera in Three Acts by
Quatuor Modigliani 2009 TV Movie documentary music by
Joseph Haydn: 'Harmoniemesse' 2009 TV Movie music by
Malý kapsár 2005 Short music
Concert Haydn - Pergolesi 1994 TV Movie documentary music by: "Symphony No. 77 in B-flat major"
Die Schöpfung 1992 TV Movie documentary music by
Haydn: Die Schöpfung 1986 TV Special music by
Lo speziale 1982 TV Movie music by
Le monde de la lune 1980 TV Movie music by: "Il mondo della luna" Dramma giocoso in 3 atti
Die Feuersbrunst 1979 TV Movie music by: Marionetten-Singspiel in 2 Akten
The Diary of an Innocent Boy 1968 music - as Haydn



James of the Tree 2015 Short as Franz Joseph Haydn
A Portrait of the Unadventurous Life of Ai 2011 Short
Haydn Today 2010 TV Movie documentary music by
Der Greis 2010 Short
De aanvaarding van de bedroefdheid 2005 Short
Vers l'île des dragons 1974 Documentary short
Der Apotheker 1971 TV Movie
Malmaison 1963 Documentary short
De apotheker 1962 TV Movie

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1 I listened more than I studied... therefore little by little my knowledge and ability were developed.
2 I was cut off from the world. There was no one to confuse or torment me, and I was forced to become original.
3 There was no one near to confuse me, so I was forced to become original.
4 I was never a quick writer, but composed with great care and efforts.

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