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Franklin Kiermyer


Franklin Kiermyer, a reasonably obscure drummer, burst in the picture in 1994 along with his Proof CD Solomon’s Girl, an amazingly intense quartet time that has Pharoah Sanders at his most ferocious. Kiermyer continues up with the interest, making one question why he had not been known before that time.

Quick Facts

Date Of Birth July 21, 1956
Profession Musician, Drummer
Music Songs Closer To The Sun, Solomon's Daughter, Song For My Daughters, Unified Space-Time, Greetings To Pharoah, The Soul Train, Between Joy and Consequence, Three Jewels, Bilad el-Sudan, For Arthur Rhames, The Other Blues, Peace on Earth, Ota Benga, If I Die Before I Wake, Akdemus, In the House of My Fathers, Mixed Blood, Birds of the Nile, Heliocentric, Humanity, Emancipation Proclamation, Prayer, Astrophysical, Maftir, For the Time Being, Grace, For the Kindness of Stranges, Shoes for People, The Julia Set, Black Jack, Supplication, Kairos
Albums Closer To The Sun, Solomon's Daughter, Further, In the House of My Fathers

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