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Frank Hopkins

The Hopkins family represents among the great doo wop dynasties in the town of New Haven, probably a family group of big fish in a little pond taking into consideration the city’s wimpy music scene. It might be better to turn to the trees and shrubs as opposed to the drinking water for related imagery, nevertheless, due to the fact Frank Hopkins, his brothers, and also his father had been all area of the harmonizing in an organization known as the Chestnuts. Frank Hopkins and Lymon Hopkins symbolized the family within the initial model of the group, preserving a 50 percent Hopkins proportion within the lineup before addition of feminine lead vocalist Ruby Whitaker. Whitaker was a confident, one of many factors the group enticed a record firm and producer throughout a extremely competitive routine in sha-la-la property. The brothers Hopkins’ initial recordings occurred in the summertime of 1956 and included the whimsical assumption that “Like HOLDS TRUE.” By enough time of this documenting daddy-o Lymon Hopkins, Sr. acquired joined up with the group. The Standord label found the Chestnuts the next calendar year, roasting up variations of “Who Understands MUCH BETTER THAN I” and “Mary Listen to Those Like Bells,” amongst others. The past due-’50s regular membership of the group no more presented Whitaker and yet another brother had became a member of, Arthur Hopkins. Frank Hopkins garnered a credit for composing a flip part, his own touch upon brotherhood, the bouncy “Sibling Ben.” The group continuing recording on many regional brands, adding two performers who actually bayed just like the hounds from the Baskervilles: Marvin Baskerville and Hayes Baskerville, normally. The Hopkins contingent kept firm within a group of name adjustments and administration fudge-ups which appear both impressive and perplexing actually by doo wop requirements. Frank Hopkins continues to be presented on these later on recordings including “Chapel within the Moonlight,” “Inform Me Small Darling,” and the ultimate Chestnuts records on Coral, the deep “Wobble Shank.” The Chestnuts split up in 1961.

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