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Frank Culley

For the wieners who love wieners as well as the weirdos who love weird melody titles, all Frank Culley had to accomplish was fry up some “Flying Sausages” for RCA in the first ’50s to earn circumstances of eternal grace. For the even more discerning, tenor saxophonist Culley could be acknowledged with assisting to create the complete sound from the R&B saxophone, resulting in a dependable place for the horn in lots of a combo. He was raised in in Norfolk, VA, learning tenor sax when he was just ten years previous. Professionally his initial main engagement was using the exuberant Johnson’s Content Pals; with the ’40s he was leading his very own groups, in a short time presented with possibilities to record for brands such as for example Lenox and Continental. Whilst leading he still produced time and energy to blow full of energy solos on other’s records, his audio also becoming an important section of some classic Wynonie Harris materials. The then small Atlantic outfit agreed upon him in 1948, Culley commandeering a residence band that followed a number of from the R&B performers who recorded during this time period. As well, a large number of paths of his personal were cut, which “Coleslaw” can be well worth talking about as an ideal side towards the earlier mentioned sausages. Vehicle Walls developed great piano parts on these information, a few of which skirted the sides of jazz like a Lionel Hampton cover. The RCA Victor agreement followed, as do sides for brands such as Bird, Chess, and Baton. Achievement eluded Culley nevertheless — he was, without doubt, consuming sausages and coleslaw on the highway in addition to playing music about them. This will need to have been something of the frustration considering just how much work he placed into crazy efficiency antics that resulted in the nickname “Floorshow.” Within the mid-’70s he known as it quits and retired to Newark, NJ.

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