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Frank Bretschneider

After beginning the Raster label with Olaf Bender in 1996, prolific German artist Frank Bretschneider continued release a various strains of experimental music under several monikers, including Komet and Produkt. In 1999 he became a member of causes with fellow experimental German maker Carsten Nicolai, who went the Noton label, to create the Raster-Noton collective. Later on that same yr, he released his debut full-length, Rand, under his personal name on renowned German label Mille Plateaux. Much like his Raster label, this recording found Bretschneider getting into a highbrow, nearly educational affair, where he used a philosophic backdrop towards the music. A yr later he came back with another recording, Curve, under his actual name on Mille Plateaux.

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