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Francisco López

Francisco Lopez is among the leading performers in electro-acoustic music within the 1990s. From a history in biology and ecology, he has generated one and concentrated musical style focused around immersive sonic conditions which are designed to strengthen and improve the user’s hearing features. His live shows tend to be performed in total darkness and he in addition has been recognized to disperse blindfolds towards the audience to be able to reduce the visible impact from the overall performance, needing the listener to focus more fully for the music itself. Although some of his parts derive from drones in a single method or another, the dynamics range between very noisy to almost inaudible. A prolific musician with over 100 produces on cassette, vinyl fabric, and CD beginning with the first ’80s, Lopez is constantly on the function the idea of “audio object” (objet sonore) explained by musique concrete inventor Pierre Schaefer in the 1960s. Although his most well-known function, La Selva, stocks a obviously recognizable platform with additional soundscape performers like Eric LaCasa and Douglas Quin, Lopez offers distanced himself from your soundscape as an idea predicated on R. Murray Schafer’s publication The Tuning of the Globe as well as the acoustic ecology motion that adopted it. Lopez’ 1st produces were within the worldwide independent cassette systems that started showing up within the 1980s, but his function that brought him to the eye of several listeners was the maiden launch on Bernhard Gunter’s Trente Oiseaux label, Warszawa Cafe in 1995. Since that time, his CDs possess appeared on some of the most exclusive electro-acoustic and songs labels, such as for example Staalplaat, Desk of sun and rain, Contact, and Alien8. Although his focus on real sonic environments implies that a lot of his produces possess Spartan cover styles and no information regarding the recordings, his landmark launch La Selva can be an important soundscape recording from the Costa Rican rainfall forest with considerable liner notes concerning the recording as well as the viewpoint behind it. His function Paris Hiss comprises many levels of tape hiss (and premiered, appropriately, just on cassette). One of is own more surprising produces may be the 2000 launch Untitled #104, that is alleged to have already been composed from examples of rock music. His cooperation with vocalist Amy Denio, Belle Dilemma 00 uses just her tone of voice for the foundation of all sounds for the piece. At the start of 2001, he began his very own record label, .total., which he intends to record his collaborations with various other innovative music artists and audio artists from all over the world.

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