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Francisco Asenjo Barbieri

A piano college student of Albeniz, a vocal college student of Saldoni, a clarinet college student of Broca and a structure college student of Carnicer, Francisco was thoroughly engulfed using the impact of Spanish music. Luckily or not really, Francisco became a “wanderlust” eeking out an lifestyle by using his skills. He finally got home in Madrid and started composing for the theater. Barbieri’s first comprehensive opera in the Spanish vein (i.e., Zarzuela) was “Gloria con peluca” and he coninued this genre. Various other operas included “Skillet con toros,” “Jugar con fuego,” and “Un barberillo de Lavapies.” His most significant contribution, nevertheless, was his collection (collection) of traditional Spanish music. His “Cancionero musical de los siglos XV y XVI” included at least 459 transcriptions and commentaries by itself.

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