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Francisco Alonso

Alonso was perhaps one of the most popular zarzuela composers of his day time, with functions particularly noted for his or her lively dances and capability to capture the initial tastes of Spain’s particular areas. He was also remarkably prolific, writing nearly 150 zarzuelas, aswell as instrumental items, sainetes (one-act musicals), and tracks for revistas (revues). His mom, a pianist, urged him to review music, and he started his studies using the Granada Cathedral choirmaster, Antonio Segura, who released him to structure. Later, he researched with Celestine Villa. Sadly, his formal education finished early. While still in his teenagers, he was the music movie director for the Cordova Regiment, and had written his first strike, the pasodoble dance Polvora sin humo, to them. He also carried out the Granada Philharmonic Culture. In 1905, he had written his zarzuela, La nina de los cantares. He shifted to Madrid in 1911, having a look at to creating himself being a composer. Although he created a steady blast of of functions, success appeared elusive in Madrid. It had been not really until 1916 that he appreciated true success, using the zarzuela Musica, luz con alegria. Other functions passed pretty much unnoticed. Nevertheless, in 1924, he composed two strikes, La linda tapada and La bejarana. In 1925, he noticed the first creation from the zarzuela, La calesera; six years afterwards, the revista, Todas las leandras, was created. These two functions ultimately became his best-known compositions. The Spanish Civil Battle disrupted his profession, and audiences had been no more as enamored of zarzuelas as before. While he continuing to create and was presented with many condition honors, his past due functions, like the sainete Rosa la pantalonera (1938) as well as the 1942 revista Dona Mariqueta de mi corazon, had been nowhere close to the level of well-known achievement of his pre-war functions. Unlike the compositions of several of his fellow zarzuela composers, his functions seldom enter the documenting studios except in excerpts, though they remain staged in Spain.

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