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Four Plus One

An unexceptional Uk R&B band from the mid-1960s, the 4 AND SOMETHING (also spelled in a variety of permutations such as for example 4 + 1, 4 AND SOMETHING, etc.) produced just one single unmemorable one. However, they’re appreciated for including two associates, vocalist Keith Western world (after that Keith Hopkins) and tempo guitarist Junior Hardwood, who would type one-half of Tomorrow, among the leading early United kingdom psychedelic groupings. The Four AND SOMETHING were currently playing by enough time Western world, who also performed harmonica, became a member of them after viewing their ad for the vocalist in Melody Machine. Their lone one, ‘Time Is normally On My Aspect”/”Don’t Lie if you ask me,” arrived in January 1965 on EMI, and stood small chance of striking considering the Moving Stones had been having success using the song at exactly the same time (as well as due to the fact the Rocks’ version premiered as an individual only in the us, being relegated for an LP monitor in the united kingdom). The B-side, “Don’t Rest if you ask me,” was a good if workmanlike Chuck Berry cover. Following the one, they transformed their name towards the In Audience, playing more spirit- and mod-oriented materials, and launching three singles, guitarist Steve Howe becoming involved time for the next. The In Audience, after further stylistic development, advanced into Tomorrow by adding drummer Twink Alder. Both edges from the Four AND SOMETHING one are on the Keith Western world compilation Excerpts from …Groupings & Periods 1965-1974.

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