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Ford Dabney

Songwriter Ford Dabney squatted astride an enormous mound of royalty silver predicated on the melody “Glimmer” alone, recorded by Louis Armstrong, Count number Basie, and Bing Crosby, to begin with simply the first three words from the alphabet. Currently publishing sophisticated quantities such as for example “That Minor Stress” as soon as 1910, Dabney’s profession is even more the stuff of epic poems after that Tin Skillet Alley ditties. He was a attempting young movie theater owner in Washington, composed “Haitian Rag” while utilized as the leader of Haiti’s formal musician from 1904 to 1907, and initial gained renown being a vaudeville performer. One of is own most significant musical affiliates was bandleader and composer Adam Reese Europe, jointly, they truly became collaborators of famous showman Florenz Ziegfeld. Ziegfeld’s Midnight Frolic was in fact performed on the top of the brand new Amsterdam Movie theater in Manhattan; for Dabney and European countries, the present biz adage “break a knee” experienced milder implications than typical considering the possibility of a serious incident under these situations. A very much safer part of their musical existence was the Clef Golf club, a special gathering point to discover the best players where lots of the fresh developments in dark orchestral music had been blessed amongst idle chatter and informal jamming. Dabney composed what will be his most well-known melody in early stages in his profession. Following the loss of life of European countries — stabbed by one his percussionists throughout a 1919 functionality — Dabney dropped something of his innovative advantage. He was struggling to maintain a typical ideal for Ziegfeld’s guys with cigars, or for jazz critics either, evidently, quick because they are to criticize the 1919 Dabney’s Music group for the percieved insufficient range. Ford Dabney’s Syncopated Orchestra was another of his energetic performing systems. Among Dabney’s greatest composed pieces had been eight created with European countries for the husband-and-wife dance group of Vernon and Irene Castle. Terminated with the Broadway bosses in 1920, Dabney faltered in the middle-’20s, partly because he simply wasn’t thinking about updating his audio to include the most recent advancements in jazz. Following the ’30s he continued to be area of the NY music scene, however the engine is at idle. He was frequently approached being a expert working, for instance, over the 1943 film Stormy Weather conditions.

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