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Fluss was a fluffy grey house kitty adopted by musician and saving engineer Steve Albini in 1984. Albini was quite keen on his pet, as well as the kitty became the unofficial mascot at Albini’s Chicago-based Electrical Sound recording studio room; Fluss actually merited a brief biography within the personnel pages from the Electrical Sound site. Fluss also received periodic production and executive credits on tasks documented at Electrical, though it’s anyone’s figure if Albini, known to be shy about placing his name on some tasks, simply provided Fluss credit instead of using his very own moniker, or if the feline acquired found his master’s abilities in the saving studio. Fluss passed on in past due 2003; Albini approximated the cat’s age group as 23, a fairly remarkable run for just about any kitty, let alone person who had constructed an record by Jawbreaker.

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