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Featuring singer/guitarist Greg Mora, bassist Tag Higa, guitarist Joey Rubenstein and drummer Rocco Bidlovski, Fluorescein is a punk-pop quartet in the Silverlake section of LA, California. All members were energetic on the neighborhood alternative rock picture before getting jointly in the middle-’90s. Mora was Lutefisk’s bassist; Higa performed in the area Twins; Rubenstein performed in 60 Routine Hum; and Bidlovski was portion of 100 Mona Lisas. The group’s debut recording, High Comparison Comedown, was comprised completely of original materials by Mora and was made by Mora and Tracy Chilsholm. The record premiered on No Name Recordings in January 1997. During the period of 1997, the group advertised the record through continuous touring. By the finish of the entire year, “Cathy’s On Crank!” became popular on modern rock and roll stations in a number of major marketplaces. The group’s burgeoning achievement attracted major brands, and DGC Information signed the music group by the finish of the entire year. High Comparison Comedown was reissued by DGC in January of 1998.

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