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b. Michael Might, Kingston, Jamaica, Western Indies. May started his profession on the audio system circuit, carrying out with Stone Like, Little Axe, Rambo Mango and his personal Sweet Love arranged. He frequently performed alongside his DJ sibling, Crimson Dragon, with whom he nurtured the professions of Buju Banton and Terry Ganzie. May released a succession of mixture strikes, including ‘How You So Warm’ with Brian And Tony Platinum, ‘Girls Simply Wanna Possess Fun’ with Thriller U, ‘Proceed Sit down Down’ with Clement Irie, ‘Dungle Lover’ and ‘Madly In Like’ with Sanchez, ‘Jump And Distributed Out’ and ‘Change And Stab’ with Daddy Lizard, alongside the favoured ‘Million And Even more’ as well as the chart-topping ‘Zig It Up’, both which presented the enigmatic Ninjaman. Pursuing May’s successful mixture with the questionable DJ, Ninjaman curiously released the contemptuous ‘Last FROM THE Flourgon’. The second option, however, had small effect on Flourgon’s profession and his unique gritty voice continuing to elegance a profusion of vinyl fabric releases. He loved a notable collaboration with Mikey Bennett and Patrick Lindsay, mainly for his edition from the ‘Essential oil Thing’ tempo, ‘Bow Ting’. Additional solo strikes included ‘Sensitive Contact’, ‘Jump’, ‘Fret And Get worried’, ‘Trophy’, ‘Live Great’, ‘Poor Boy Melody’ and ‘Follow Me’. In 1994 Jamaican suppliers, inspired from the dancehall pattern of mixing numerous DJs on the same tempo, began recording numerous designer singles that frequently presented Flourgon, including ‘Can’t Quit The Dance’, performed from the ‘Yardcore collective’, which integrated the skills of General Level, Tony Rebel, Papa San and Buju Banton, amongst others, while ‘Informer’ presented Snagga Puss, Anthony Malvo, Anthony Crimson Rose, Frankie Paul, Lizard and Flourgon’s sibling Red Dragon. With the past due 90s his result was dropped in the overflow of dancehall produces, although his mixture with Freddie McGregor, ‘Bless My Spirit’, appreciated some achievement. Although his profession continues to be overtaken with the youthful contenders, Flourgon is undoubtedly an important DJ who motivated a influx of sonorous vocalists.

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