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Florentio Maschera

The compositions by Maschero that survive were all composed as four-part instrumental canzonas. He researched with his dad at Brescia Cathedral and was an body organ pupil of Claudio Merulo. He was the organist for Santo Spirito in Venice and afterwards been successful Merulo as the organist for Brescia Cathedral. Called an organist and composer Maschero was also lauded for his executing ability for the violin and upon the viola da braccio. His contrapuntal compositions, which helped usher in the fugue, had been characterized in close regards to the French chanson from whence the word, canzona, was produced. His works had been sectional and recurring with exciting rhythms, include dialogues between voices, and small homophonic structure. Maschera’s canzonas are one of the primary to be have scored particularly as instrumental peices (after Merulo’s business lead). His parts could possibly be, and had been, quickly and well modified for shows upon the viol as well as the lute.

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