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Death metal music group Fleshgrind was formed in March 1993 by guitarist/vocalist Rich Lipscomb and drummer Dave Barbolla, who added bassist Casey Ryba and guitarist Steve Murray to finish the original lineup. On the next couple of years, Fleshgrind documented several demos — 1993’s Holy Pedophile and 1995’s Sorrow Breeds Hatred (Bleed on Me) — which ultimately arrived them a cope with the tiny Pulverizer imprint. Changing Ryba with Ray Vazquez, Fleshgrind released their standard debut recording, Destined for Defilement, in 1997; soon after its appearance, Vazquez remaining the music group and Barbolla was terminated. With a fresh rhythm portion of bassist Wayne Genenz (ex-Avernus) and drummer Alan Collado (Euphoric Evisceration), Fleshgrind toured thoroughly, building enough of the underground pursuing to persuade Pavement Music to re-release Destined for Defilement in early 1999. Fleshgrind following signed a long term cope with Olympic Recordings, which released their second recording, The Seed products of Abysmal Torment, in 2000.

Quick Facts

Full Name Fleshgrind
Music Songs Holy Pedophile, Duct Taped and Raped, Displayed Decay, Enslaved to My Wrath, Libertine Atonement, Monarch of Misery, In Sickness Intertwined, Perversion of Innocence, Destroying Your Will, Sordid Degradation, Pistolwhipped, Seas of Harrow, Chamber of Obscurity, Hatred Embodied, Burning Your World, Disdain the Mournful, Murder Without End, Litany of Murder, Lurid Impurity, Frozen in a Voiceless Scream, The Supreme Art of Derangement, A Legion of Illusions, The Deviating Ceremonies, Desire for Control, Hogtied and Hatefucked, Organ Harvest, Whacked, Sycophantic, Rape Culture
Albums Destined for Defilement, The Seeds of Abysmal Torment, Murder Without End, Living Dead

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