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Flat Earth Society

A group in the Boston area — actually, none from the associates looked to become over the age of 15 — Level Earth Culture recorded a rare album in 1968 that became a prime collectible several decades later. This is probably based even more on its rarity compared to the real music, as the record was advertised by Waleeco chocolate pubs — you could mail-order the record with six chocolate wrappers and $1.50. Those people that took benefit of the give were compensated with experienced, but somewhat universal, psychedelic rock, using the prominent electrical keyboards which were quality of a lot of the Boston audio. Some Doors impact could be noticed, probably, in the minor-hued melodies, plus some Jefferson Aircraft in the harmonies; to toss within an obscure guide, it’s a little like a garage area edition of H.P. Lovecraft. The record provides since been reissued, producing the changeover to Compact disc in the 1990s.

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