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This Canadian heavy rock quartet was formed in 1978 by vocalist/guitarist Ron Chenier. After many false begins and many line-up adjustments, the music group stabilized with Chenier, plus Laurie Curry (keyboards), Bob Moffat (bass) and Bob Patterson (drums). Inspired by Triumph, Hurry and Led Zeppelin, they released five albums of generally typical hard rock and roll between 1979 and 1985, with IN DEBT from 1983 getting undoubtedly the most powerful. This highlighted the extremely talented Dave McDonald on business lead vocals rather than Chenier, who lacked both range and power. To be able to prevent dilemma with the United kingdom music group Fist, their albums had been released beneath the name Myofist in European countries.

Quick Facts

Full Name Fist
Music Songs Turn the Hell On, Name, Rank and Serial Number, Hole in the Wall Gang, Going Wild Tonight, Collision Course, SS Giro, All I Can Do, The Vamp, Forever Amber, One Percenter, The Feeling's Right, Never Get Me Up In One Of Those, Devil Rise, The Wanderer, Axeman, Law of the Jungle, Fe Fi Fo Fum, Storm, You'll Never Get Me Up, Try A Little Love On Me, Supercallousflagellisticexpertcunnilingus, Terminus, Pumping Iron, Brain Damage, Hey There Child, See the Devil Rise, Roll It, Dog Soldier, Throwing in the Towel, Give It All Back, Acid Rock, Gone Without a Trace
Albums Thunder In Rock, Loud Loud Loud, Reign of Terror, In the Red, Danger Zone, Fleet Street, Round One, Bolted Door, Hot Spikes

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