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Fish Karma may be the name of the one-person folk-rock musician who combines the nasally angst of Violent Femmes using the spaced-out guitar of Frank Zappa. Even though true name of Seafood Karma’s exclusive member continues to be a well-guarded key, what’s known is certainly he started his career on the School of Az, where he proved helpful in a humor troupe until choosing to test the music sector. After releasing many albums separately, he agreed upon to Triple X in the first ’90s. Seafood Karma were able to discharge two albums in the label (1991’s Teddy in the Sky with Magnets and 1993’s Sunnyslope), and caused artists such as for example Jello Biafra and Mojo Nixon. His irreverent live shows contains many improvised music, many of them ranted in a method similar to George Carlin. Seafood Karma was placed on keep in 1995, but produced his comeback using a twisted children’s record (The Harmful Playground) in 1998, which he collaborated with Andy Youthful. He then were able to discharge 2001’s Lunch using the Devil on Deep Shag before starting up with Alternative Tentacles for 2006’s Theory of Intelligent Style.

Quick Facts

Full Name Fish Karma
Date Of Birth 1959
Nationality American
Music Songs Fifty Caliber Christ, Swap Meet Woman, An Artist's Lament, Die Like a Dog, The Campfire Song, God Save the N.R.A., Rockin' and Rollin' with Little Baby Jesus, My Parents Are Having a Party, God is a Groovy Guy, Raunched!, Woke Up Dis Mornin', Cow of My Dreams, Lunch With the Devil, Dio Rocks, I Had a Dream, I Begged God to Kill Me, Blessed Times, Love Barn, I Like the Christian Life, Moving to New Jersey, Nausea #2, Pigs in Shit, Girl, You Gotta Love Your Man, White Things, Tore Up From the Floor Up, White and Delightsome, Led Zeppelin/Telephone Performance Piece, She is the Mammal, Heavy Metal Jowls, Clowns Again, Baby, Let's Be Methodist Tonight, Lethal Fairy Tales
Albums Teddy In The Sky With Magnets, The Theory of Intelligent Design, Lunch with the Devil, To Hell With Love, I'm Going Bowling, Lethal Fairy Tales, Halloween in America, Sunnyslope

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