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Figures on a Beach


A Michigan dance-pop music group (1983-1989), these were known for “Breathless.”

Quick Facts

Music Songs No Stars, You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet, Accidentally 4th Street, Nervous, The Glamour Of Motion, Accidentally 4th St., A Pagan Gift, Eternal Repetition, Clamdiggin', Get Serious, Angels Working Overtime, The Big Top, Feel The Mood, Feel Like Glass, Mystified, Everything But Heaven, Accidentally 4the Street, Elvis's House, State Of Emergency, Flex, Independence Day, Green, The Wheel, Welfare, Delirium, Breathless Beats, Paris, Rhythm, Swimming, Breathless +, Decay, Breathless
Albums Standing On Ceremony, Figures on a Beach, Breathless, Swimming

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