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Fiddlers’ Bid


Fiddlers’ Bet are recognized for their active, driving method of Scottish fiddling. The music group is situated in Shetland, the northernmost stage in Scotland. The building blocks of the music group will be the four youthful fiddlers, Maurice Henderson, Andrew Gifford, Kevin Henderson, and Christopher Stout. They’re supplemented by Steve Yarrington on acoustic guitar, Dave Coles on bass, and Catriona McKay on piano and Scottish harp. It’s the extra instruments define the band’s audio, lending unique power and flexibility towards the group’s mixture of traditional and self-penned jigs, reels, and airs. Fiddlers’ Bet recorded one recording independently before putting your signature on on using the Scotland-based Greentrax label. The 1998 release of the first Greentrax recording, Hamnataing, was accompanied by an intense worldwide tour that included concerts around Europe and in america.

Quick Facts

Full Name Fiddlers' Bid
Music Songs All Dressed in Yellow, Hamnataing, Skeklers, Da Sneck o' Da Smaalie, Michael's Mazurka, Uyea Isle, The Sneug Water Waltz, Da Tief Upon Da Lum, Da White Wife, Da Farder ben da Welcomer, The Pumping Bass, Føroyar Tune, Fezeka's/Go Fur 'im/Ria's, Macklins Vals from Orsa, The Trows, The Tangerine Dream/Jim Craig's Jig, Fezeka's, Apo Fetlar Top, Naked and Bare, Peter d Scollay/Merran's Rant/Da Kirk Stack, Yellow Stockings, Leaving Lerwick Harbour, Skye Barbecue, Astrid's Vals, The African Set, Da Lass Dat Made Da Bed For Me/Seven Step Polka/Shalder Geo/Un-named Reel, The Isle of Aigas, Zander the Sander, Da Sabbit Prawn, The Fiddlers' Bid Ode to Joy, Yarmin Yowes Return, Da Shaalds
Albums All Dressed In Yellow, Naked & Bare, Da Farder Ben Da Welcomer, Hamnataing

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