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Fhloston Paradigm

The Afrofuturist techno alias of veteran polyglot Ruler Britt, Fhloston Paradigm — a mention of Luc Besson’s 1997 science fiction film The Fifth Component — debuted in ’09 2009 with Charlie Sleeps, an EP focused on Telefon Tel Aviv’s Charlie Cooper, who had recently passed on. Like that launch, a couple extra short-form produces that adopted through 2011 had been offered as free of charge downloads. In 2012, Britt linked to Kode9’s Hyperdub label, where he released the amazing three-track 12″ and digital download Chasing Rainbows. Britt, energetic as ever with several artistic efforts — including one-album duo Saturn By no means Sleeps — place Fhloston Paradigm on snow, after that released an recording, The Phoenix, on Hyperdub in 2014.

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