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Fernanda Abreu

In 1981, at 19, Fernanda Abreu had an amateur band with Leo Jaime (Nota Vermelha) and was doing modern dancing within the groups Coringa and Fonte. Afterwards in that calendar year, she became a member of Blitz, a music group of traditional importance for Brazilian rock and roll from the ’80s. For the reason that period she participated in albums by Plebe Rude (O Concreto Já Rachou, 1985) and Ricardo Barreto, previously of Blitz (Prisioneiros perform Ar, 1986). Following the dissolution from the music group in 1986, Abreu steadily structured her single career, preparing materials, doing displays, and documenting with Fausto Fawcett, Laufer, and Serginho Mekler. In 1989, having currently created some originals, she fulfilled Herbert Vianna (from Paralamas perform Sucesso). Inspired by him, Abreu produced a funk/disco music group with Fábio Fonseca (previous Nota Vermelha), Fernando Vidal (electric guitar), Aurélio Dias (bass), and Bodão (drums). Her initial solo record, SLA Radical Dance Disco Membership (1990), was made by Herbert Vianna and Fábio Fonseca and acquired popular with “A Noite” (Abreu/Luís Stein/Laufer). Her second record, SLA2/Be Test (1992), was among the first Brazilian pop information to extensively utilize the sampler, and acquired achievement with “Rio 40 Graus” (Abreu/Fausto Fawcett/Laufer). Since that time, considered the 1st lady from the Brazilian disco, Abreu became typically the most popular woman funk vocalist with Da Lata, which got “Veneno da Lata” (Abreu/Will Mowat), “Garota Sangue Bom” (Abreu/ Fawcett), and “Brasil É o País perform Suíngue” (Abreu/Fawcett/Laufer/Hermano Vianna).

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