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Fausto Nilo

Author of more than 300 recorded tracks, Fausto Nilo wrote several strikes registered by many best performers: “Amor nas Estrelas” (with Roberto de Carvalho), recorded by Nara Leão; “Pão e Poesia” (with Moraes Moreira), “Pequenino Cão” (with Caio Sílvio), “Um Desejo Só Não Basta” (with Francisco Casaverde), “Você É Genuine” (with Piska), all documented by Simone; “Retrato Marrom” (with Rodger Rogério), documented by Ney Matogrosso; “Chorando e Cantando” (with Geraldo Azevedo), documented by Elba Ramalho; “Bloco perform Prazer” (with Moraes Moreira), documented by Gal Costa; “Pedaço de Canção” (with Moraes Moreira); “Flor da Paisagem” (with Robertinho perform Recife), documented by Amelinha; “Cartaz” (with Francisco Casaverde); “Lua no Leblon” (with Lisieux Costa), documented by Fagner; “Zanzibar,” “No” (both with Armandinho), documented with a Cor perform Som; “Tudo com Você” (with Lulu Santos, documented from the same); “Dona da Minha Cabeça” and “Você se Lembra” (with Geraldo Azevedo, documented by Azevedo); “A Lua e o Mar” and “European union Também Quero Beijar” (both with Pepeu Gomes, documented by him); and “Pedras que Cantam” (with Dominguinhos, documented from the accordionist). Since his years as a child, initiated in the favorite lifestyle of his house area of Northeastern Brazil by his grandfather, who was simply keen on the music from the cantadores (minstrels), Fausto Nilo found understand in the 1970s the band of brand-new poets/music artists Pessoal perform Ceará (Fagner, Rodger Rogério, Belchior, Teti, Petrúcio Maia, Ricardo Bezerra, and Manassés). A few of them, like Fagner, began to place music into his poems, and in 1972 Marília Medalha documented his “Fim perform Mundo” (with Fagner). In 1976, Nilo began his relationship with Moraes Moreira, who acquired several hits using their cooperation; like “Santa Fé” (that was the starting theme from the cleaning soap opera Roque Santeiro), “Meninas perform Brasil,” “Coisa Acesa,” “Bateu no Paladar,” among others. After Simone’s rendition of “Pequenino Cão” became a superhit, Nilo became a active lyricist. Other performers that have documented his songs since that time are Maria Bethânia, Ednardo, Chico Buarque, Baby Consuelo, Caetano Veloso, Zé Ramalho, and Cidade Negra. His just Compact disc as an interpreter of his very own songs is normally Esquinas perform Deserto, released in 1997.

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