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Body fat Mattress are primarily referred to as the just-post-Jimi Hendrix Experience music group of Noel Redding, putting away several albums in the past due 1960s and early 1970s. The Jimi Hendrix connection was most likely responsible for attaining Fat Mattress a lot of whatever interest they were able to attract. It could have already been a double-edged sword, nevertheless, as Fats Mattress’ music wasn’t in any way similar from what Redding acquired used Hendrix, getting in considerably lighter folk-rock, psychedelic, and early prog rock and roll designs, and integrating a lot of vocal harmonies. Too, Redding wasn’t a dominating number in the music group, though he was a significant one; Excess fat Mattress was a genuine group work, with fellow users Neil Landon and Jim Leverton authoring as a lot of their materials as Redding do. Fat Mattress created in past due 1968 soon before Redding’s greatest departure from Hendrix’s music group. Redding have been frustrated for an degree in the knowledge, playing bass although he previously even more experience like a guitarist, and hardly being permitted to create anything on the records. Excess fat Mattress would start even more possibilities for him to both play acoustic guitar (and sing), also to record even more original materials. All of those other music group had been, like Redding, from Folkestone in Britain. Singer Landon experienced carried out a stint in the Ivy Little league, and multi-instrumentalist Leverton have been in the support music group of Engelbert Humperdinck, where he fulfilled Excess fat Mattress’ drummer, Eric Dillon. Excess fat Mattress found the attention from the music business quickly, not merely via the simple existence of Redding, but also from playing support with an American tour from the Jimi Hendrix Encounter (where Redding would dual as the Experience’s bassist and Excess fat Mattress’ guitarist). Polydor authorized them, and their 1st recording, released in 1969, was extremely affected by American western coastline psychedelic and folk-rock rings, aswell as English pop-psychedelic rings like Visitors (whose reedsman, Chris Timber, played flute using one of the monitors). By the end of your day, the record wasn’t almost as exclusive as the very best serves in those designs, but it do contain some pleasurable and accomplished function. It had been also modestly effective, making amount 134 in the U.S., with among the music, “Magic Forest,” learning to be a big strike in Holland. Fats Mattress went into problems immediately after that, if they came back to America to accomplish their very own tour, completing just five of 30 prepared dates prior to going back to Britain. A second recording, the unimaginatively entitled Extra fat Mattress 2, went on the same floor as their debut do, but with much less flair and variation, staying derivative and struggling in comparison to other rings using similar strategies. Having didn’t graduate towards the big leagues, the group split up immediately after that.

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