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Austrian digital experimentalists Farmer Manual comprise an informal collective of musicians, DJs, computer geeks, and online freaks who count number music as only 1 of several ongoing tasks. The group’s identification is as secret as the regular transmissions using their Vienna studios (which started showing up in 1996), but their produces have were able to capture a global audience for his or her strident bird-flip to dance-based digital music convention. Released by brands such as for example Mego, Ash, and Ash sublabel Holder, titles such as for example “FM,” “fsck,” no Backup (a Compact disc+ name and Mego’s 1st full-length creation) have forced the envelope of musical intelligibility well from the map, spraying burbling, obverse rhythmic constructions with blasts of sound and distortion, carefully paralleling the strategy of Panasonic or even more latest Autechre. The group’s full-length debut, No Back-up, is a assortment of drawn-out discombobulations of regular rhythmic and melodic constructions, as the 12-in . only “FM” (designed as the vinyl fabric option to the Compact disc, but featuring non-e of the same songs) contains greater than a dozen short sketches of minimal electro, many closing in lock-grooves (the songs’ bare repetition have a tendency to beg the query of so why they bothered with anything beyond a secure the initial place, but…). The group also have dabbled in drum’n’bass-style rhythmic encoding (most prominently on the Tray 12-in . “Fsck”) and also have conducted several live Internet broadcasts via their handsome site (in http://www.farmersmanual.co.at).

Quick Facts

Full Name Farmers Manual
Music Songs Nomad 137, Perimeter 87, Macro-woeb, Biomagic I, Biomagic II, Flight 3, Biomagic 1, Funky Sound, Biomagic 2, Garage Rampage, Inter #017, Major Impact, Inter #001, Slomo Promo, Watt Chaos, Inter #003, kTXt-2.MD3.txt, kTXt-3.6r4.in, kTXt-1.sinemerge2, Jar: FNN / Snull 2000: snull_cell, Frog Dies in Sunlight.aif, Inter #015, Klopp01.proc, Trail Blazer, Electronic Message, Get Set, Off Piste, Rumble Strip, Outer Limit, Electro Bongo, Funky Scratch, Dee And Bee
Albums No Backup, Explorers_We, Fsck, FM

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