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After Devin Ocampo (vocals/ guitar) and Chad Molter (drums) transferred to Washington DC, Jeff Boswell (bass/ Moog) was recruited to finish the Faraquet line-up in 1998. Inspired with the DC audio due to the seminal prefers of Fugazi, Jawbox and the country of Ulysses, the music group released their debut EP on DeSoto Information in 1998 accompanied by a divide EP with Milwaukee’s Akarso another year. In the brand new millennium, Watch OUT OF THIS Tower was released in fall 2000.

Quick Facts

Music Songs Cut Self Not, Sea Song, Song for Friends to Me, Study in Complacency, The Fourth Introduction, Conceptual Separation of Self, Carefully Planned, Call It Sane, The Missing Piece, The Whole Thing Over, Study in Movement, The View From This Tower, Um die Ecke, Parakeet, Yo-Yo, Coversations, Review, Rex, Conversations
Albums The View from This Tower, Split with Akarso, The Whole Thing Over / Call It Sane, Anthology 1997-98, Faraquet / Akarso, The Whole Thing Over

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