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Fantastic Negrito

Bay Area-based singer/songwriter Xavier Dphrepaulezz rebooted his profession in the 2010s by adopting the name Fantastic Negrito and pioneering a blues, hip-hop, rock and roll, folk, and funk cross types on his 2016 record, The Last Times of Oakland. This record appeared 11 years after X Aspect, an record he released on Interscope beneath the name Xavier in 1995, however the Last Times of Oakland functioned being a de facto debut, showcasing an inventive, passionate musician who taken together all of the different, occasionally contradictory noises within 21st hundred years America and who used the past in an effort to comment upon today’s. The son of the Somali-Caribbean immigrant dad and a mom through the U.S. South, Dphrepaulezz was created in Massachusetts. He spent his early years as a child there, raised in a orthodox Muslim home, then the family members shifted to Oakland when he was 12 years of age. Afterward, he delved deeply into music, learning many instruments, and began to create songs, creating a cool, soulful cross of R&B-rock. A couple of years handed before he proceeded to go south to LA, gaining an archive agreement with Interscope, which released X Element in 1995. The recording didn’t gain very much grip and Dphrepaulezz quickly discovered himself embroiled in record label fights, which paled in comparison with the serious car crash he suffered in 2000. He spent a month inside a coma, as soon as he got from it, he discovered his hands had been damaged substantially. He spent amount of time in extensive rehab, then returned to Oakland in 2008. Once back Oakland, Dphrepaulezz remaining music behind for family members and home, ultimately returning to carrying out after the delivery of his boy. Newly influenced, he discovered himself attracted to the blues. He renamed himself Fantastic Negrito and started operating as an indie designer. His 1st big break found its way to 2015, when “Shed in a Group” won a little Table concert competition at NPR, and the full-length THE FINAL Times of Oakland found its way to the summertime of 2016.

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