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Extended Organ is really a collective of Western Coast experimental musicians and artists whose longtime membership using the Los Angeles Free of charge Music Society caused their formation in 1997. Tom Recchion, Paul McCarthy, Fredrik Nilsen, and Joe Potts experienced all been carrying out separately and frequently in various mixtures for a lot more than two decades. Nevertheless, this group’s 1st launch under this moniker, XOXO — released from the eclectic Birdman, label operate by previous Warner Bros. A&R guy David Katznelson — designated the very first time the foursome experienced performed in this specific construction. Recchion — who created this recording, as well designed, combined, and “prepared” the tapes — is among the founders from the L.A.F.M.S., alongside Nilsen and Potts. Recchion is well known for his eclectic and assorted contributions towards the group’s audio (furthermore to acoustic guitar, he also runs on the Kurzweil KSP8, an eight-channel multi-bus transmission processor, furthermore to contributing discovered tape elements, examples from radio, and cds). Recchion is usually a member from the Doo-Dooettes, a previous person in the B People, a contributor to David Toop’s spoken term collection Hot Trousers Idol, and in addition has recorded an recording of exotica cut-ups (Chaotica) for Birdman. He’s also an effective graphic artist that has designed recording covers for most groups and performers, including Alanis Morissette, Prince, R.E.M., among others. McCarthy, who provides greatly effects-laden vocals and growls worth Captain Beefheart, also developed XOXO’s cover artwork idea. Guitarist/keyboardist Fredrik Nilsen is really a noted professional photographer (he also contributes music utilizing a dildo). Joe Potts — whose group Airway is well known because of its droney exercises in experimental music — contributes examples and various noises created on aged Mattel-manufactured Optigan body organ pieces which have been cobbled jointly, or “Chopped Optigans.”

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