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This environmentally themed ‘grind rock’ band from Pennsylvania, USA, premiered in 1994 like a side-project for Brutal Truth bass player Dan Lilker. Joined up with by Relapse Information co-owner Expenses Yurkiewicz (vocals, examples), guitarist Steve O’Donnell and previous Brutal Truth drummer Scott Lewis, the music group’s debut fused traditional doom metallic with blues and jazz. An improbable combination, it noticed the record referred to in one one fourth as combining ‘ Stevie Ray Vaughan and early Napalm Loss of life’. Yurkiewicz’s lyrics continuing to explore eager styles on Ethos Musick – the starting track, subtly entitled ‘Societally Provoked Genocidal Contemplation’, opened up using the range ‘This whole globe is fucking ill’, before concluding its 1st verse with ‘Insanity frees my brain to question, I gleefully ponder mankind’s murder’. Somewhere else the music group ruminated further for the human being race’s convenience of self-degradation and cruelty, as well as the lasting aftereffect of commercial activities on earth. It certainly offered an intriguing comparison to listen to 60s-design idealism braced against a number of the 90s most fearsome sound. A follow-up arranged continuing in ‘hemp-fuelled hedonist’ vein, though just like interesting was an additional side-project, this time around offering Yurkiewicz, O’Donnell, Lilker, High Hoak (drums) and Bliss Bloodstream (Pain Teenagers). The task, titled Smoking Tunes, noticed the ensemble recreate jazz and blues requirements from the 30s and 40s.

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Music Songs Societally Provoked Genocidal Contemplation, Anthropocentric-Ecocidal Conundrum, Legalize Hemp Now!, When I Get Low, I Get High, Disemboweling Party, Ethos Musick, Willie the Record Releaser, Stoney Monday, Diet for a New America, Gout D'Belgium, Lotus Blossom, Hempcake, A Man and His Lawnmower, Jack I'm Mellow, My Mind's Mine, Spare the Wrench Surrender the Earth, Black Weakeners, Reevaluate Life!, Open Season, Only Hypocrisy Prohibits Legality, Knockin' Myself Out, Facilitate the Emancipation of Your Mummified Mentality, Unintended Lyrical Befuddlement, If You're a Viper, Sweet Marijuana Brown, Oral Fixation, Only Protest Gives a Hope of Life, Political Dismay, Light Up!, Ecotopian Visions, The Funk Song, Wake Up and Change!
Albums Smoking Songs, Green Is Good!, Ethos Musick, Celias Last Wednesday Plus Singles, Three, The Return of Captain Friday, Sturmey Archer, ...Just a Few More Hits, Don't Spare the Green Love, High Life

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