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Ethyl Meatplow

Ethyl Meatplow was a short-lived, yet enormously accomplished, pseudo-industrial alternate/dance-rock outfit made up of vocalist Carla Bozulich, guitarist Biff Barefoot Sanders, and drummer John Napier. Produced circa 1990, the group released three unbiased singles before their just album, 1993’s Content Times Sweetheart. The group gained a reputation because of their concert events, which combined examples and consumer electronics with live instrumentation. Happy Times Sweetheart earned great reviews in choice/underground magazines the music group spilt immediately after its discharge. Bozulich became the vocalist for the pseudo-country-rock group the Geraldine Fibbers; she also sang on ex-Minutemen/fIREHOSE bassist Mike Watt’s 1995 single debut, Ball-hog or Tugboat?.

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