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Psych-rocking space travelers Eternal Tapestry hail from Portland, Oregon, and were founded by Nick Bindeman (Jackie-O Motherfucker) and Dewey Mahood (Plankton Wat), who came together musically around their joint worship from the music of Neu! and guitarist Sonny Sharrock. These were became a member of in 2006 by Nick’s sibling Jed (Large Winged/Jackie-O Motherfucker). This trio released several LPs, CDs, EPs, as well as cassettes, including Vibrations, New Dawn, Mystic Induction, and Altar of Lawn (all in 2007), and Declining Superstar and Ocean of Silk (in 2008). In ’09 2009, Ryan Carlile became a member of the music group on saxophone and synth; they released The Invisible Surroundings, Palace of the night time Skies, The Hidden Exposed (cassette just), as well as the live CD-R Springtime Tour. Bassist Krag Likins became a member of the group this year 2010, and Eternal Tapestry spent period refining their audio and touring that 12 months. A number of the bandmembers participated in additional projects aswell. Mahood released the blissed-out space dub recording Edibles under his Plankton Wat moniker; he and Jed also collaborated using the users of Barn Owl and documented the full-length Dark Summit as Backyard Sound. Furthermore, Heavy Winged released Sunspotted and Areas Within Fields this year 2010. Eternal Tapestry authorized to Chicago’s Excitement Jockey this year 2010 to record their 1st album like a quintet, Beyond the 4th Door; it had been released in early 2011, and was adopted in July of this year by Night time Gallery, a collaborative long-player with Sunlight Araw. Dawn in Two Sizes premiered in June of 2012, while Globe Out of your time adopted in November. By no means slowing down within their launch schedule, the music group spent another two years giving up limited-edition produces by means of little run cassettes, like a break up with California dream-tropicalia duo Mondo Lava, aswell mainly because tour-only CD-Rs or the incredibly limited Expert Overload, a vinyl-only launch generating profits for any foundation focused on conserving the Borneo Orangutan. Amid each one of these lower profile produces, the music group spent a good timeframe camped out inside a remote control cabin in the tiny city of Zigzag, Oregon monitoring tunes because of their massive 2015 dual album Crazy Strawberries. The record saw discharge early that season, once again on Thrill Jockey.

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