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Ernâni Alvarenga

Author of “Salário Mínimo” and “Dinheiro Não Há,” recorded by Beth Carvalho, Ernâni Alvarega was also a radio musician of some prominence until he acquired a everlasting issue in his vocal chords. Originator from the style referred to as spoken samba (perhaps a sequel to his vocal issue), his tremendous impact in the Portela samba college is recognized by the countless sambas created to compliment that college that respect him as you of its historical figures. Invited to become listed on Portela (when he still was the Bloco Vai Como Pode) by Paulo da Portela in 1926, he was the author of the samba sung by Portela in the initial parade from the samba institutions in 1932, “A Majestade perform Samba e sua Brejeira Corte.” The track had an A component by Benedito Lacerda and was documented by Leonel Faria. In 1937, he was employed by Rádio América (São Paulo), shifting to that town to focus on the Big Display America; he’d also focus on Rio’s Rádio Mayrink Veiga and Rádio Guanabara from then on. He also was an associate from the Velha Guarda da Portela.

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