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Enrico Banducci

b. Harry Banducci, 17 Feb 1922, Bakersfield, California, USA, d. 9 Oct 2007, SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA, California, USA. Playing violin from early youth, at age 13 Banducci visited San Francisco to review music and there followed a new initial name. In 1950, he bought a membership, the starving i, from Eric Nord, which acquired started in the past due 40s within a cellar on Columbus Avenue and in 1954 Banducci transferred it to Jackson Road. As entertainment, he previously begun delivering folk music, presently very popular in the western world coast. The performers who made an appearance there, more often than not before these were recognized to outsiders, included the Gateway Performers, the Kingston Trio, who documented two albums on the membership, the Limeliters, who also documented there, Peter, Paul, And Mary, We Five, Stan Wilson and Glenn Yarbrough. Maya Angelou also made an appearance, lightly disguised being a Caribbean vocalist. In the middle-60s Tom Lehrer documented That Was THE ENTIRE YEAR That Was there. Another youthful vocalist who had a significant step up on the membership was Barbra Streisand, who made an appearance in 1963, writing the costs with comedian Woody Allen. The last mentioned’s appearance was a continuation of another significant entertainment craze championed by Banducci. It had been a new variety of stand-up comics that brought Banducci as well as the starving i lasting popularity. Among those highlighted early within their professions had been Shelley Berman, Lenny Bruce, Godfrey Cambridge, Dick Cavett, Irwin Corey, Expenses Cosby, Phyllis Diller, Dick Gregory, Joan Streams, Ronnie Schell, the Smothers Brothers and Jonathan Winters. The comics had been offered against a solid wall, a method of backdrop that became de rigueur for the golf club’s many imitators. Ultimately, the starving i’s policy transformed and by the middle-60s Banducci experienced offered the name to a remove joint at a different address. In the past due 50s, he opened up Enrico’s Coffee Home, later on changing the name to Enrico’s Sidewalk Café. At onetime or another he also possessed Mike’s Pool Hall and Clown Alley. Banducci’s personal fortunes had been an luxurious roller coaster and by the finish from the 80s, he was owning a sizzling puppy franchise in Richmond, Virginia. Later on still, he retired, heading back to SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA.

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