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Ennemond Gaultier

Ennemond Gaultier was the initial great People from france lutenist and really should not end up being confused along with his cousin Denis Gaultier; in the seventeenth hundred years, it had been customary for the educated music enthusiast to make reference to Ennemond as “des Vieux Gaultier” (the older Gaultier) or as “Gaultier de Lyon” as he was created in Dauphiné, near Lyon. In youngsters, the “older” Gaultier offered the home of Montmorency, however in 1600 he remaining to become listed on the courtroom of Henry IV of France and his fresh queen, the previous Marie de Medici. Gaultier continued to be in her services after Henry IV was assassinated in 1610 and elected to retire from her courtroom just after Medici was exiled in 1630; he came back to Dauphiné and resided more than 2 decades right now there, dying in Nèves. Gaultier’s popularity was produced as an associate from the Queen’s courtroom, carrying out at significant diplomatic features wherever she journeyed and perhaps delivered by himself like a musical emissary, such as for example when he journeyed to Britain around 1630. Des Vieux Gaultier was broadly admired throughout European countries and his items celebrated throughout his life time; however, none of these made an appearance on the net while he resided, and he was most likely under a royal limitation never to publish. Both des Vieux Gaultier and his queen have been dead a lot more than 2 decades before his music made an appearance in print, within an edition made by his cousin, Denis Gaultier. Nevertheless, Denis — “le jeune Gaultier” or “Gaultier de Paris” — passed away before the printing was completed and it had been completed by one of is own pupils; in the completed aspect the quantity contained parts from both composers. This is the standard noticed among three even more printed series of music from the Gaultiers released through 1703, and in the manuscript world the problem was a whole lot worse, numerous pieces attributed and then “Gaultier” without indication concerning whether “des Vieux” or “le jeune” was designed; some parts are ascribed to both. As the question in what belongs to whom continues to be a matter of issue, an edition from the functions of des Vieux Gaultier made an appearance in 1966, entering a second release in 1980.

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